about me


hey, i'm Colleen. i'm a hobbyist-programmer from Canada. i enjoy learning about and practicing in the design & programming of games, web applications, APIs / libraries, and other software. i'm a strong supporter of internet privacy, open-source software, and freely accessible knowledge.

i primarily use C/C++ for most of my programming, but i do use Python for prototyping. i'm also quite familiar with lua, PHP, SQL, and HTML+CSS.

i'm looking forward to learning more Rust in the future.

what am i working on?

right now my main focus is GalaEngine, an open-source 2D game engine written in C++ that i started in August of 2022. its goal is to provide an easy-to-use, free and open-source alternative to more commercial game engines.

for more information on my previous work, check out my portfolio. it's a little bare right now, though...

where to find me

i'm not very active on social media, but feel free to check out my stuff on my GitHub, or email me at hello@colleen05.me. i also make games on my itch.io page.

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