my portfolio

here i'll share some of the work i'm most proud of. most of it is open-source, and available on my GitHub, except for some projects like games. i prefer to use the zlib license for my open-source projects.


GalaEngine promo image

GalaEngine is an open-source 2D game engine written in C++. its goal is to provide an easy-to-use, FOSS alternative to more commercial game engines.

it comes with easy-to-grasp, easy-to-use abstractions to make game development easier and faster. such features include in-scene layers, entities, canvas-like textures (called "surfaces"), and various utility methods via the library.


GalaEngine uses a custom, open-source file format for assets. GalaMake is a tool that allows developers to set up a project with a "workspace" directory, and quickly compile resources for in-game use.

Kitty's Quest

cover art cover art

Kitty's Quest is a game developed for the Metroidvania Month game jam in 2022, as a test-drive of GalaEngine's practicality in game development.

it's a challenging, retro-style platformer where you embark on a journey for tuna as a little kitty cat.

this game suffers from a bit of gameplay imbalance, but its primary goal was to get a feel for how game development actually felt with GalaEngine at the time.