recommended browser specs

screen resolution

a screen resolution of at least 1280x720 is recommended, but the page should be acceptably viewable on 800x600 screens. i try to keep content somewhat-comfortably readable at viewports as low as 720x540 without content breakage, but this isn't a promise, sadly.


browsers that support HTML 3.0 should be able to render the textual data on my website fine, however, i do tend to use tags from HTML 4.0 and 5 to aid in parsing, screen reading, structure, etc., such as the article and code tags.


my website should be readable without CSS support, however, browsers with CSS support released before 2011-2014 might not render my pages as i intended to present them. most things should be fine, but one notable issue is with Firefox not supporting the :has() selector by default. i try not to use it too much. see this for more information on how to enable it on Firefox.


all important text here is standard ASCII, but i may use emojis here and there.

terminal browsers

i try to keep my website comfortably viewable within terminal browsers, such as W3M and Links 2, so long as you don't mind missing out on some sick images 😉.